Effective Counting in Sphere Packings



Orbital counting, Spectral theory, Automorphic representations


Given a Zariski-dense, discrete group, Γ, of isometries acting on (n + 1)- dimensional hyperbolic space, we use spectral methods to obtain a sharp asymptotic formula for the growth rate of certain Γ-orbits. In particular, this allows us to obtain a best-known effective error rate for the Apollonian and (more generally) Kleinian sphere packing counting problems, that is, counting the number of spheres in such with radius bounded by a growing parameter. Our method extends the method of Kontorovich [Kon09], which was itself an extension of the orbit counting method of Lax-Phillips [LP82], in two ways. First, we remove a compactness condition on the discrete subgroups considered via a technical cut- off and smoothing operation. Second, we develop a coordinate system which naturally corresponds to the inversive geometry underlying the sphere counting problem, and give structure theorems on the arising Casimir operator and Haar measure in these coordinates.




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Kontorovich, A., & Lutsko, C. (2024). Effective Counting in Sphere Packings. Journal of the Association for Mathematical Research, 2(1), 15–52. Retrieved from https://jamathr.org/index.php/jamr/article/view/Vol-2Issue-1Paper-2